Cant login to app.. Lost Phone number


i lost my registrated phone number. When i now bought a new phone i realized that i cant log in because i dont have access to the sim card… Can i change my account phone number so i can have access again?

Thank you

Hey there @florianhoss :slight_smile:

Please check this:

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thanks. Support seems really busy… 2 hours waiting in the app chat…

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Did you manage to sort this out?

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Yeah thanks. Got somebody in twitter to help me out

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Hi Andreas, i got the same prob with florian, i used my phone number in France when i traveled in Europe last year. Its been a while i lost this phone number. Now i cannot connect anymore Revolut without the phone number … could you please help if there is anyway to connect maybe with my email add ?

Thanks so much for your help !
Stay safe

Can you help with a login issue?

I have no access to app it keeps asking me to create a new account.

I used my app on my work phone a few weeks ago and when trying to get it back on personal phone I can’t get in.

Hello I have lost my sim card since I moved to another country, and have no access to my old phone number… Is there any possibility for me to get help with changing my phone number?

Thank you.


I think revolut doesn’t recognise my phone number attached to my account. It wants me to sign-up with it.

I know my email but I would like to be told the phone number attached to my account so I may log in.

Thank you!

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Hi! In a pickle. Unable to access the app, on the updated app it shows the option for ‘lost access to your number?’ but this has a bug. I don’t have access to the number I used originally.
I need to update my id asap and I am concerned I will lose access to my account.
I am entirely stuck. Please help

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Hi - Please help… I am unable to access the app on my phone as it says the pin code is incorrect. I have tried to validate my account via selfie with no luck.

Please help I am unable to gain access to my account.

Thank in advance

Hi i have problem to login to my account had my old number and my email account been deleted by mistake how i can change my details to get login now

can you help?

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Hello. I’m blocked my revolut entirely because I lost my phone, have a new phone number and can’t login in for last week. I was done verification by ID like 4-5 times last week( twice today ) and doesn’t work. I was tried call revolut - can’t fix it by bot and can’t chat with person - I need activated app to do that.

By accident I made another account on another email - maybe this is problem ?
Thanks for help.

Guys i am new here so forgive my noob case.
Someone steal my phisical card and i reset iphone.
How to get back new plastic card where to mail about and merge corectly account i have.
please help me becouse this is my only one payment card.

Hi, I lost my mobile number and have problem with login to Revolut, can you help please?

Hi! I’m having the same problem, I want to log in but my number has changed. Please, can I have support in resetting my credentials? Thanks!

Hi - I started my account using a UK phone number back when I was living in the UK. Now I moved to France and I have a French number. I can’t log back in the app anymore to see my Revolut account because I’m logged out and Revolut keeps sending the authentication code to my previous UK number.
What can I do ? Can you please contact me? Thanks


I have this same problem. I moved from the UK to HK and can no longer log into my acconut.

Many thanks,


Hey guys! Could someone help me to solve the issue as well? Cannot login into my revolut, and can’t do anything, changed phone number and the phone itself, and the app has stopped working. It’s kind of urgent matter. Thanks.

This is a user community no Revolut support here.