Cant login lost phone and no access to email address

I have lost my mobile phone and can now not login as it asks for email verification but I cannot access my email as this also is a 2 step verification which requires a text message to access my emails. Is it possible to speak to a person as every option leads back to email or text, neither of which I can access.

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Hello @michaelO :wave:,

Welcome to our Community. Sad to hear that your lost your phone. Try to use another mobile device to log in to your account and change your passcode for security.

If you manage to log in, disconnect your account from the previous device by going to your ‘Profile’ on the top left of the screen → tap ‘Security & Privacy’ → choose ‘Devices’ → select a device and tap ‘Log out’.

If you’re unable to login using another device, recover your access as explained below:

  • To recover your passcode check here.
  • To set up a new phone number without having access to the previous phone number check here.

If you fail a selfie or document verification process at least three times, our agent will help you via chat.

Get in touch with us if you need to verify your new device and avoid duplicate accounts, visit our FAQ for more details.

SG | Community Team

I cannot log in as I also cannot access my email.

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Did you follow through with all steps? The last step of the advise provided tells you that you’re going to be connected with support when everything else fails.

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@michaelO , Kindly try to log in from another mobile device using the passcode. :pray:

SG | Community Team