Can't login after accidently clicking on the logout link in the app

Hi , after accidently clicking on the logout link in the app I can’t login : the app is requesting me details as I was a new user. Can anyone help?


Just log in with the phone number you initially used to sign up. The log in screen looks the same for all users.

Yes I try that . Didn’t work. I also uninstalled the Android app and install it again . The issue still there. I tweeted about. Waiting for some update .

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Hi, apparently is its a bug in the app. I uninstall it and install it again, the error persist.
I already tweet to the team and waiting for some update


Hi, i had logged out myself a month ago and couldn’t logged in with my original mobile no. I was asked to log in with a new mobile no., so I have use my husband’s mobile no. which I can log in with the same pass code. It seems so far payment can be sent and received good with my husband no. which actually has not registered with Revolut. May I know how I can log in with my own mobile no ? Thanks in advance for your assistance

Have you tried to contact :r: via in-app chat or social media (twitter/facebook)?

Hi Zapata,

I am very upset of the help service of Revolut as I wrote my problem via your in-app chat, but so far no one contact me. Feeling bad …


I have the same issue. I accidentally loged out, but i forgot my password. (Always use my finger print). I can’t reset my password, because the app always ask for one random question and the pin of the phisycal card.

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I recently changed phones but kept the same number but I am unable to log in to revolut on my new phone as I get a “we’re sorry” message when I enter my pin. I went on revolut app support on my old phone and they told me to log off the old phone. Now I still cannot log in and i can’t log in again on my old phone so i cannot access support. I am now logged out of revolut entirely and I can’t log in.

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I’ve now fixed the issue, by signing in with my partner’s mobile number instead of mine, then changing it back in settings.

Hello guys,
I have the same issue and I have no way to contact Revolut :frowning:

My problem soved too.
After i couple of tries in the forgot password process i send a selfie.
An agent check my picture and send me a reset password e-mail. The e-mail working, if you open the link with your Browser app, not the revolut app (Android asks for revolut app first).

If you open itt with the revolut app, it will not work and you can start the process from the beginnings.

I’m having the same issue. I’m in France. I can’t log into my app, get no answer when I call the +44 number. This has been going on for a week! Can someone from Revolut please get in touch with me urgently. Thanks.

Revolut team members rarely respond here in the user community. I recommend Twitter for more reliable attempts to contact them.

I didn’t see the possibility to send a selfie picture…
Where did you find that please ?

On Twitter, Revolut is not accepting private messages, I don’t understand how this is possible a big company like not to have a regular phone number that we can call without access to the app.

I have this issue also, anyone able to help

Hello there.
I am unable to log into my account.
Actually, my account has never been used for real, however I wanted to make use of it this time.
My problem is that I no longer have access to the phone number that I had used for registration nor I know the number itself.
I would be happy to re-start the registration process and creat a new account from scratch but due to the similarities that my personal details (birth date, address, name) would show to my old registration, the system wouldn’t approve it.
I would appreciate if someone could help me out here

Hi, I’ve been having the same problem.
I can’t log into my account even though I have access to my number, but every time I send the verification code that I’ve been sent by text, it brings me back to the beginning where it asks for my number again.
I really need to log in as I can’t access any of my money at the moment, can someone help?
Thank you,