cant log in


I try to log in but system asking to provide new picture and name, last name and date of birth. Even after that it is not possible to log in.


@Discover1984 have you changed your account phone number? Are you getting the SMS code?


No, I didnt change anything. I just tried to log in from different location
(as I am on vacation).
Anyway, the application does not work - when I write password it says
"something went wrong. Please try to log in later" and asks for picture,
name, surname and date of birth

14 мая 2017 г. 9:30 пользователь “Larysa Stachowicz” <> написал:


Did this get resolved? I am in the same situation. I just get “something went wrong”. Can’t contact support, because app doesn’t work. Can’t call as that is not an option. So in short STUFFED.


I downloaded the app today - tried to do the verification procedure and it locked. Now when I open the app and complete my 4-digit passcode teh screen goes black and I can do nothing - obviously cannot do in-app contact and phone number is only for blocking card… very poor! What to do? Steve


An update to my previous post - I deleted the app and reloaded it, and now everything works OK. Steve


Thank you that worked for me as well.


Finally I did the same - deleted my application and reinstalled it. Then it
started to work normally.



Apologies for the inconvenience guys, generally just killing and re-opening the application should help. And double checking your connection.