Cant log in to top up card - stuck in china

Essentially the problem started when I arrived in china. First of all I could not top up my card or change any of the settings, so I got in contact with one of the support team who advised me to log out of the account. In doing this I found that I was unable to log back in again. I then got in contact to change my number thinking that it was to do with my british number ( i am using a chinese sim) the guy then changed my number to my chinese number… but the the problem persisted as I am still unable to log into my account. What makes matters worse is that today I am unable to contact the support team.


For future reference for those that are reading. China has some strict regulations that effect all users whether they be chinese or any other nationality. I cant say for sure what is happening. But even borrowing VPN I could not recieve messages from revolut.

If this problem persists I am going to be in trouble as I need to top up my card in order to leave the country.

Many thanks for reading. Hopefully I will get there soon

I had a similar problem but it was solved when I logged in via a VPN. This is on-going: no VPN = no access to Revolut, but as soon as I switch to a VPN everything works. This advice is probably too late for you, but may help others.
Separately, I find the acceptance of Revolut very patchy here in China and I would advise anyone coming here against relying on Revolut access. Sometimes a merchant refuses Revolut one day but accepts the next day. There is no obvious link as to why the card is refused or accepted.