Can't log in to the app


I can not log in to the phone app. Passcode wrong or I’ve forgotten it. I’ve pressed the Forgot option but it then asks me to enter the last four digits of a card I do not have. There is no other option for me to proceed. Will someone please help me with this, as I’m getting nowhere on the in app help section!


Hello @markusdon :slight_smile:

The app is asking, I believe, for the last top-up code. You should be able to find this in your traditional (source) bank statement, as Revolut*XXXX. :slight_smile:


You’ve replied to the wrong user - I am markus not markusdon


Yeah, sorry :sweat_smile:
I expected autocomplete to kick in but it didn’t, thanks! :slight_smile:


Thank you. It eventually worked!.


I sent my Thank you to the wrong person!.
Thank you! It eventually worked!.