Cant log In to my account on app

Hi, my account just logged out In the app and i can’t log back in because recently I’ve changed my phone number, thus I don’t have access to my account. What can I do?

Log in with your old number, then tap on “can’t receive the text” or sth. like that. Then you can ask support to change the phone number for you.

Thank you for reply, but it doesn’t work.

Cześć @Kasiaozga :slight_smile:

Please check this:

Hi Julio I wanted to access my app on my mobile but every time when I tried to access it I was saying that “the verification code or phone number you entered is incorrect” which is ridiculous as I used the app today. I suspect that every time when I was sent the revolut authentication code and tried to see the code in order to go back and putting the code the revolut app was freezing and I had to put the pass code.This way the revolut authentication code was sent 8 times and I have not got a chance to type the verification code as the app does not work.

Bought a new phone, downloaded the app, Now cant log in to my account, keeps taking me to create new account, Help please


I lost my phone, changed the number and forgot the old one so I therefore cannot access my account. I have posted here before but have never gotten a response. I have been paying the premium fees for 8 months for nothing… That’s is a premium rip off…

How is it possible that a banking institution has no phone number and no email contact/support… That should be illegal !


This is a user forum. Instead of only posting you should read some other postings/answers here or use search function.

You can contact :r: only via in-app chat, social media (facebook or twitter) and there is a complaint form:
And you can try the following e-mail address:

:r: only operates as a bank in :lithuania:.

If you are suicidal you should search for some medical help.

I am tired of this s**t. :r: should finally add a banner or a sticky thread to this page.

The twitter profile of N26Support, Transferwise, etc.:


Revolut’s twitter profile:


Hello. I change my phone and revolut app won’t let me log in. Say wrong pin code or phone number. And i can’t write for support from in app-chat. Please help me sort out this problem. Phone number and pin 100% correct