Can't log in to contact support

I have also the same problem, I can’t login and therefor can’t contact support via app.
What is the solution?

Try one of the other ways to contact Revolut support that are mentioned in the topic below.

I want to access my account, I can’t get my mobile number, the correct one, you send me a password for Modufucar, I put a new login with the new one, it tells me that it is not correct, if 2 weeks

I want to restore my Revolut account. How can I contact customer service to prove I used my own money. No further verification was requested, but my account was closed.

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I am facing a huge issue with revolut app , cannot log in and it keeps me throwing in circles . There is no customer service help at all . If i cannot get in the app, how can i message there team , This has been very frustrating situation for days . App for money is suppose to be easy for the owner of the account to use . I am travelling and i am helpless as my funds are coming in revolut account . Please email me , if there is a human behind the app .

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There is no Revolut support in this community.

i am also facing same problem

Please check my post just above yours.

I last used Revolut a year plus ago. When I try to log in now, it asks me for a selfie but then rejects it… so I can’t log in, and I can’t contact support because you need to be logged in to do that. I have no idea how much there is in the account. I created an account on here but it doesn’t look like I can actually create a new topic. How do I get whatever funds are in Revolut back out?

Nope. There are several other ways to contact Revolut support without the need to access the app.

same problem ..

Please check my post just above yours.