Can't log in to contact support

I contacted support because I couldn’t receive a code by text. Support advised me to log out of the app and then back in again. I can’t log back in without receiving another code. I can’t contact support again without being logged in

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Hi @stokx,

Nothing to worry about💪DM me, so that I can help!

Hi I’m here, what can I do?

I’ve now resolved this by contacting Revolut on Facebook

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There is a LOT TO WORRY, Alexander.
This is not sign of a serious and honest bank who takes care of money from other people:

  1. I am on holiday on Malta. For some reason my roaming of my spanish number Lycamobile is not working. Can happen. Happens to millons of others esp Lycamobile users.
  2. Revolut added as CONTACT all my contacts on my mobile. Samsung J3, Android 5. As a result I finished up with all my contacts DOUBLE. Last night I got so pissed off that I tried to delete HUNDREDS of doubles one by one. I finally deleted the Revolut account since I thought thas was the easiest way to delete the contacts. Actually I thought by pressing delete account all I did was deleted Revolut illegally added contacts. But it deleted my acccount with the bank meaning that the app albeit installed, does not recogonise me. Adding my contacts list and duplicating it without users consent is illegal and you do this an android 5 because there is no option for the user to avoid this!
    I have 400€ and aprox 50000 SEK with Revolut bank !
  3. It´s insane, arrogant and absurd to assume that I want send money to everybody I speak to over the phone.
  4. Don´t tell people to PM you because not I, nor the user storx, knows how to PM. A serious and honest bank has an email service!
    PS others who have the same issue… Transferwise has also good rates, a free physical debit and, and a WEB page and Email service!
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Hey @gl-revo :slight_smile:

First of all, from another of your posts, I can assure you there’s a complaint form. Trust me, I’ve personally filled it before :wink:

You gave :r: access to your contacts the very moment you installed the app. You should perhaps read not only the privacy policy of the services you sign up to, but also the installation prompts of the Google Play Store. They’re intuitive and they clearly show what permissions are being granted. Please, use the term illegally with more caution.

None of your contacts were doubled. A single contact can have many “profiles”, to say so, in android. The same contact, when opened, can show the same number available to call, send a WhatsApp, an SMS or a :r: transfer :wink:

No, it did not, that’s not how it works and it would be plain stupid if it worked that way. Please, don’t state abrupt conclusions as facts.

You can revoke :r:'s access to your phone permissions individually from Android 6 upwards. This is set by Android’s own design.

I guess he does know, but I’ll make this EXTRA EASY. In order to send a PM to @AndreasK, you’ll have to wait 24 hours (as you’re still a new member of the community). Then, just click this link and you’ll be sending him a PM:

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Hey Juliopp,
What you are writing is unfortunately only partially correct.
YES, Android-6 allows to set phone permissions individually, but not Android-5, which is precisely part of the problem and Revolut programmers ignored that whichh some previous versions or updates.
Anyway, even if I had forgotten to unclick “contacts”, one thing is “accessing” the list and another thing is “duplicating” each entry so that each contact name shows up twice, once for the phone number of the contact (incl. Whatsup) and once for Revolut. Try deleting a few hundred entries by hand which is what I started to do. Even if user granted accesss to contact list, it is not acceptible to duplicate the list leading to a HUGE scroll-down effort each time you look for a contact to make a call. Imagine all programs did that. It wrecks your phone. And in this context, the word illegally was used in quite the proper fashion.

The facts are the following:

  1. When I installed Revolut the 1st time around Octuber 2017, if I recall correctly, on my Samsung J3 Duos, which runs on Android 5, Revolut did not add or duplicate contacts and it did not access my contacts list. On that version of Revolut, which has been updated several times since, the program did not access my contacts lists. Therefore, all was fine.
    If they had done, I would have realised immediately and de-installed.
  2. Beginning of 2018, they had an upgrade which downloaded. No option about contacts was being given, it just downloaded. Then all my contacts were duplicated. Not like with Phone/Whatsup where you have 1 contact using both methods, but proper duplication of all contacts entries. Obviously I had not given consent for this.
    By the way, why does a bank need to access all my contacts in 1st place. What about PRIVACY?
  3. After other complaints, Revolut now produced another update. The way to fix the issue was to delete Revolut totally from the Android-5 phone and re-install the new version from scratch. This new version does not duplicate entries any more, and a proper “allow accesss” window appeared where users can tick options (access to files, sms, location, photos). I am always very careful to minimise permisssions! I only hope they do not break this again in future updates.
  4. The most annoying thing however was that this requires a new SMS code to be sent which is fine if your listed/registered phone works. But if you are roaming and for some reason roaming is down, or if your sim card is broker or phone stolen, you are into deep trouble because you cannot contact support. You receive a screen requesting to sign up (again) leading to a duplicated Revolut account. Support have confirmed this and this can cause big problems.
  5. After potting for a good 90mins, I managed to contact support by installing the app afresh on a second phone, putting I changed my number to my second sim number (roaming was luckily working here). Supprt then confirmed that you can only have 1 number listed.
  6. Only 1 number without backup numbers or backup phones and no web login access to ones account, is very risky. It gets even worse when you have credit with them. If your sim/phone is stolen, you have no way to re-install your app or access your account unless you can re-arrange a new sim card issued with the same number which, when being abroad esp for a longer time period, is completely impossible. This needs to be fixed very urgently.
    I can only advise others not to leave too many funds on the account.
    They gave me a hard time and a sleepless night which they should not - and it can happen to anybody. With a normal bank, if your Visa/MC goes lost, you call them from anywhere to block and most (at least mine) will courier DHL a replacement card to any destination in the world. If Revolut would allow dual access (web/phone) or allowing backup 2nd sim card to be listed, this would solve tons of issues and save them huge support time.
  7. A “bank” should have other options than a community support to take this kind of unnecessary stress and strain off customers. We are customers, they hold our monies, we are not users of a free software gadget where we help each other. When money matters are concerned, clients freak out.
    Thank you.

100% the same problem.
I re-installed this crappy piece of app because Revolut illegally accessed and duplicated all my phone contacts. I had never given permission for this abusive privacy infringement.
I made 1 mistake - I should have withdrawn all my money before I do a re-install.
Now there is no way to get back, I constantly get “an error occured pls try later”.
Over and over again, for days. No way to log in - therefore no way to contact support.
As a matter of fact it equates to giving up my funds.
Worst experience ever.
A “Bank” - they are not a “bank” - a banking licence does not make a bank.
A bank would never do this to customers. And no solution.
The re-install forces me to create a complete new customer, with name etc etc…
Surely they should know who I am!

Android 6 upwards. Well thank you, I have Android 5.1 and I don’t want Revolut to illegally and without my consent access my contacts.