Can't log in, Iphone

Hi there,
I’m trying to log in into my revolut account with my iphone and it won’t let me. I created my account on someone elses Iphone since I think mine it’s bugged.

I enter my number and when I press continue, a sign saying “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.” shows up. I tried someone else account on my iphone and the same sign showed up.
So now I know for sure it’s my iphone.

I used the chat from another phone and they weren’ able to help me at all.

What can I do?

Are you using the latest version of the app on stock iOS?

Same problem and still no answer from support , nobody has a solution it seems

Have you tried deleting the app?

Of course many times as explained in my comments…

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Ok could finally reach someone from support and they had to send me the code via the chat.
No i m back on my account but id verification does not work again , same error message… it looks like iphones with latest ios have a problem with the connection …
I tried to add a benefiary ( myself) to get the money back but then the system asks for a code to be received by sms… back to square one… does not work.
I m fed up with this

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It’s strange that no one from revolut has answered this post though.

Found it!!!
For all of you who have iphones … go to iphone setting / general and restrictions… disabled all restrictions that you might have set.
After that revolut app works like it should and verification for id also
Hope it help

Hasn’t worked. Still having the same issue.

Didn’t work for me either

Hi there,
I want to share the same experience. Revolut on an iPhone seems more than buggy!

This problem is from 2018.

I registered my new Revolut account an July 2020(!) and have the same issue!

It’s not possible to log-in on my iPhone, altough I get 6-digit security codes on this certain phone, while log-in from my other devices (iPad and Huawei Mate 10 Lite).

Chat support is nice (if they respond), but don’t have any skills to solve this problem or give it to a 2nd support!

I’ve tried log out from my 2 other devices, deinstall/new install/new start my iPhone. Allways the same problem: after inserting my phone Number (I have 2 different numbers working on my dual sim iPhone), my 4-digit passcode is not accepted or “We’re sorry, something has got wrong. …”

Phone number and passcode are 1000% correct! They are the values I take on my other devices.

Can somebody please help?

Thanks in advance!
Best Felix