Can't log in because I changed my mobile number


In the app I changed my mobile number to a US one. Yesterday my card got stolen and I tried to cancel it today.

For some reason I had to reinstall the app and when i tried to log in, I couldn’t enter a US country code. How can I log in to cancel my card/order a new one etc?


Just thinking of solutions, perhaps my mobile number on that account could be changed back to a UK number which I can still access. That way I’ll be able to log in normally through the app and change my number back to the US number afterwards.

@AndreasK for visibility


For now you could call this number +442033228352 so you can cancel your stolen card until you’ll be able to log into the app! :slight_smile:


Thanks @c0stin. I’ve cancelled my card but I guess I’ll have to wait for Revolut support because I think some payments could have been made with my card as well.


Usually the in-app support is more available during the evening, you could also try DMing @RevolutApp on Twitter, or @AndreasK here on the community :smiley: