Can't Link Previous Cards - Returning User


Hi all, I wonder if anyone’s had the same issue that I need urgently fixed…

I used Revolut whilst on holiday last July with two cards connected to my account. I have redownloaded the app for a holiday this weekend, but there was no option to log in/connect to my previous account. I used the same email address and phone number as last time, but it didn’t pick up that already had an account.

Now I am trying to reconnect my existing two cards to my account but it says ‘card cannot be added’ or similar. They may have been deactivated through inactivity, or may be attached to my previous account which is inaccessible, despite all my information being the same. I’ve messaged in app support but they haven’t replied all day.

Anyone had similar?


Hi! You should try reaching the support team on social media :slight_smile: They’re usually the fastest to respond on Twitter (@RevolutApp), but you could also try Facebook: