Cant link my card to Revolut account


Hello, i have a problem. I cant link my physical card to my bank account in revolut app. What should I do? I havent used my Revolut card but I have it for half a year already.


@Elve Did you open up a whole new account with us?


I did not linked my previous card, but i have an account which is new. And i transfered money there via bank transfer from maestro card but i did not get money yet. Its already 3 days. What should i do? Maybe it would be okay after i get those money and i will ordered new card?


Hello @Elve,

Apologies for the wait. Can we get in touch via a direct message so we can take a look at what’s going on?


I have the same problem. I can not link my existing card to the app because I have changed my phone so I signed up in the app using my new phone. I dont have the old phone do I cannot use it in the app as I need the code


Dear Andreas,

I have more or less the same problem. My wife changes her phone from iPhone 5S to iPhone 8 and when opening Revolut App there was nothing on it. So we tapped the normal phone number, name … etc and when tapping the card number it is written RHIS CARD CAN’T BE LINKED

Pleas help us.

Many thanks



I have sent you a direct message, could you please get back to me?


Ok i gone have a look on it


Envoyé de mon iPhone


Yep :+1: I am there any chance to get info about the pb


Hi Andreas. I could not find a private message option. Can you send it to me? I have a similar problem with linking a card. The app says “This card can’t be linked”. So I can provide you additional information in private message.




Sure, I will do that for you.


Same problem, had a physical card laying around for a month or so, figured i should start using it, tried to link it to my account and i can’t do it, messege says "this card can’t be linked’


Sounds like you created two accounts. Have you tried to contact our in-app support team?