Can't link Greek issued mastercard with Revolut

Hello all,

My brother had tried to create a revolut account and link it with his mastercard issued by the Greek bank.

Although I was helping him to set up his account I was getting a message that the card is not supported! I then contacted support and they told me that Greek banks are not supported by revolut!!!

I certainly know a lot of people in Greece having their revolut accounts linked to their greek bank accounts so it was very surprizing to me what the support person told me…

Could you please let me know if there were any changes made recently related to greek issued cards and revolut?

Thank you in advance!

Might have to do with capital controls in Greece.

Are they still in place?


You would be right apart from the fact that a lot of people I know (Including my mother) they created revolut accounts in 2016 were capital controls were even more strict. I am just wondering if revolut changed recently any deals with greek issued card holders…

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Best clarify this with @anon33247966.

Thanks Capital for your support.

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Unfortunately due to capital controls, Greek cards are not yet supported.

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