Can't link existing card

I currently have a new number & phone and have an existing Revolut card. I’ve tried linking this card to my new account but it says it can’t be done.
Please help!!!

@Alfredsho Hey there! Sounds like you created a whole new account instead of just updating your account phone number. Please contact our in app chat support and they should be able to update the old account to your new number so you can see your Rev card!

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. I’ve tried to update my old phone number with my new, but I did a mistake. Probably as you said I also create a new account and now I don’t find my existing account and also my existing Revolut card. I can not contact your in app chat because I am not a Premium Member. Please help me. Thank you.

@ReFot You should always have access to chat even if you’re not a Premium member! Please contact us so we can adjust this for you if it has not been completed already.

Have tried to get in touch with revolut support since 12 today and unable to have a solution for that. Just the same phone number but iPhone upgrade from 5S to 8 and as a result THIS CARD CAN’T BE LINKED

Hi there. I’ve sent you a DM, please check your inbox.

Hi there! I have exactly the same situation.
It’s impossible to solve it through the Help Chat in app because any live agent appears…
Someone who can help on this?

Hello i have the same problem card is not linking and i made a new account. I dont know how to chat with revolout so pls anyone help me