Can't link card

Hi, I cant link my existing card to my app as my phone number no longer exists. The support chat is not helpful at all because no agents are available, and I would like to access my money on the app again. I have a new phone number now as I moved from UK to Germany. Please can you help as I am very disappointed with Revolut. After successfully using my card for one year in numerous countries in Asia for it to fail now is a joke. What can I do now to link my existing card and find my money again that still exists on my card? Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Susanna

Hi @SusD,

Sounds like you have created two accounts!

Can you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so I can help?


Andreas K.

Hey! This is not a direct message, I had to delete it.

Are you able to reach me via a direct message?

Hi is it a direct message when I send it here?

Hello! I have this same problem. Could you help me as well?

Have you tried to contact support team?

Yes, I have but it’s been a few days now and I haven’t had word. I think they are having trouble verifying my identity - not sure if that is connectected with my inability to link my existing card or not

Was this card already linked to an account before?

Yes, but the same account.

What happened then? Did you change your phone number? It sounds to me like you created a 2nd account. Or what is the reason why a formerly linked card isn’t linked anymore? Did you report it as stolen?

My phone broke, I moved countries, and had to change numbers all at the same time. Things got complicated changing all of that over, and it took me some time to get re-connected with my revolut account. By that time, they wanted to verify my identity I think, and while that has been pending for a few days, I am not able to get my card re-attached with the account. And thus can’t get the pin number for it.

Well. Something went wrong here. It’s not needed to re-link a card after personal data was changed. Your new phone number becomes your new log in, but the account stays the same.

The fact that you can’t see your card is why I assume that a 2nd account was created instead of just your personal data was updated.

I would talk to support and provide them the old and the new phone number. They should be able to merge the accounts.

That sounds like a viable possibility. Though just last week I was finally able to get the correct phone number switched and got access to the app again. In this process I did give them both phone numbers.

Are you seeing your transaction history?

Yes. As I try to re-sync the card, it shows an error message saying “our service is not offered in your country”

That’s the weird part: cards don’t need to be re-synced. If all your past transactions appear, your card should appear as well.

If the card was terminated accidentally, it can be “un-terminated” by support.

Interesting. Thanks so much for your help. I’ll keep trying to figure it out with support I guess?