Can't increase top-up limit prior to receiving my salary!!!


I am dur to receive my salary and thr link for verifying source of income isn’t working. As always, support is non existent and I am freaking out!!! I will honestly sue Revolut if they don’t answer and I can’t access my funds on Friday!!! Please, can someone help. I will 100% leave recolut and go back to a REAL bank, because the few times I have been stressed, they have made my life living hell. I would apreciate some help please



No offence, but what are these threats supposed to be? Should they scare the forum users?

Well, I guess you pretty much made up your mind already anyhow.

And yes, AFAIK you should be able to increase your top-up limit but only support can give you a proper answer here and its also them who you need to contact anyhow.



Alessandro, obviously they aren’t supposed to scare clients of Revolut, but hopefully if anyone in this ‘company’ is reading this, they will react and contact me to help. My words are a desperate reaction to a terrible situation. Yes, I have made up my mind that I will be contacting the authorities to report this and will open a real bank account, where I will be able to speak to a human being when I need to. You obviously didn’t read my post, where I said ‘the link for verifying source of income isn’t working’ and support doesn’t answer my requests for help. I hope you never have to experience what I am experiencing. . .Thank you for your reply, it was most helpful!



Good luck on your endeavour.