Can't have access to my app


Since I changed phones I’ve been trying to get in in the app but I forgot my code and I don’t remember how much I topped up and whenever I try to get in touch on the forgot button and someone answers me my app shuts down and I can’t talk to no one. I’ve done this hundred of times and I’m from Portugal so it’s really hard for me to call to wtv number they have. How can I resolve this issue? I’ve been trying to search an email or something but I only found this. Please help me, I’m traveling in two weeks and I need access to this account.

Have you tried to tap “Forgot”?
Then you’ll be asked for last four digits of card used to last top up.

I wrote about that. I don’t remember any of those and that’s my problem. Read what I wrote again

Please read my answer again :slight_smile:
I’ve written about last four digits of card, You had written about the amount of top ups :wink:

Hello @warplahnts, this is a Community forum, we are not working for Revolut, please be kind :slight_smile:

Andreas K is here :muscle:

I’ll send you a direct message so that we can resolve this.

Now someone is getting cocky, isnt someone? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a matter of perspective

Ohh, it always is, it always is :crazy_face: :laughing: