Can't go through Free shipping card.


Hello !

After the screen “order card for free” i click order card.
And then appears this one.

I can only go back or accept premium.

How can i order the card for free ?

I did not ask for the virtual one before.

Thanks in advance.

Vasco Tavares


This shipping option is only availbale for premium subscribers. Choose standard delivery instead.


Hello Frank :wink:

But i have this option on the app


Ohhhh sorry you’re right.
I misunderstood.



But i heard that the card was free.
Must i do something else ?


In my app i get this.


On his app he gets this


Be sure you update the app to the latest version


Also 10euro initial top-up is needed, which then you can spend / send to others.


If you have a virtual card active, please terminate it. :heart:

If your account is empty please top it up so you can get a free Reolut card.


Hello !

  • I had the latest version because i downloaded it today.
  • I top-up €20 also.
  • and i didn’t request the virtual card.

The problem was solved talking in the chat "client support/problem"
Everything is fine now.
In case of similar trouble i recomend talking in the chat.

Thanks for your replies.