Can't get into app and need customer support

Hi Revolut,
I went travelling for 3 months a couple of years ago, and used the app the whole time and loved it. Since then I’ve not been abroad much, but am going away next week and wanted to use the app. The problem is I can’t get into it - can’t remember my pass code and the last four digits thing doesn’t seem to work either. And I can’t find any way to contact you other than through this forum. Can someone help? Thanks, Ed

Hello @Edkd :slight_smile:

The last 4 digits recovery option refers to the code you see in your traditional bank’s statement, not your Revolut card :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help - can you clarify that for me though, is it the last four digits of the linked bank account number? Or the number on the front of that bank card?

Not to worry, finally remembered my PIN and have got in! Thanks for your reply in any case


Consider getting a password manager for storing passwords/PIN codes, and generating unique passwords/PIN codes for each website/app/‘neobank’.

Some solutions are as follows:

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