Can't find the icon to print the bank statement.


According to what it says here, an icon should show up in the right top corner once I scroll down on my transactions, but this is apparently not the case for me. Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Here is a screenshot for reference.


You can access statements also this way:

More --> Profile --> Account details. Then swipe left.


Hi @adrift!

It took me a while to find the statements too :smile: but hopefully this will help.

From the accounts tab, swipe left/right to select the currency account that you’d like to print a statement for. Scroll down and tap the month, then tap the statement icon in the top right.

As I was typing that, I realised it sounded pretty complicated, so hopefully this image will explain it better!


The next screen will allow you to generate the statement and then email/print it.


@Frank That doesn’t work either, but thanks.

@Burns I figured out as much, but the icon literally never appears for me as you can see on the screenshot I provided. I wonder if the app. isn’t scaling properly and it’s a problem with the resolution of my phone.


@adrift Apologies, I missed the link to your screenshot the first time.

It looks like you’re in the part of the app where I’d expect to see the statement icon, so that’s very odd. Out of interest, can you generate a statement for an individual transaction?

I’m afraid my only suggestion would be to post your handset model, Android version and app version here. Hopefully one of the moderators will then be able to raise this issue with the app developers. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help :confused:


For what’s it’s worth I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 and the newest version of Revolut (4.8.0).

@AndreasK Pass the feedback, please?


Hey there @adrift :slight_smile:

Try, in the home screen, without scrolling down, clicking the top-left icon and then swiping right-to-left on the desired item :wink:


This option has now disappeared.


Just tap on any balance, top section on the main screen.


That works. It’s not obvious. Is there a reason that its obscure ?


Some call it intuitive, some obscure. It’s probably more obvious for users who weren’t used to the old statements icon.

The benefit of the new UX is now that access to account details is faster. They introduced a new screen than combines all currency related actions on one screen together with the account details. This was not possible before.

There is also another way that was there before: head to more, profile, account details, and swipe on a currency for statement / deactivate / activate.