Can't Find Revolut App In My Home Screen

Hi there. I have a new business account but cannot get a shortcut on my Samsung S20. The only way to access the account is to go Play Store each time and open it from there. When it says “Open” I’m assuming the app is already on my phone but when I look in Applications it is not there, and therefore there is no shortcut app appearing anywhere. Have you heard of this before? Have tried re-installing the business app a few times and the S20 software is up to date. Very odd problem!

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Hello @Moikez :wave: ,

Welcome to our community.:r: That’s actually quite an interesting problem. I can’t remember if anyone has reported this here in the community before. :thinking:

It may be a problem on your phone. Have you tried searching the app manually in the home screen of your phone? :ninja:

SG | Community Team

Hi thx for the response. Yes have searched the app on my phone but it’s not there. When you go to the app on App Store and the option is “Open” - that would mean the Revolut app is installed. It must be… but can’t find it or the app icon. Very strange. I wonder why when you open it it doesn’t save itself on the phone… Never happened with any other app on my S20 before.

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Thank you for confirming this @Moikez. In that case, I would request you to kindly contact us through chat so that we can help you individually. :ninja:

SG | Community Team

I have this identical problem with another brand of telephone. Can’t find chat to contact you to resolve the issue. I’m assuming because I have a personal account ?


@dedecastor Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

I am sorry to hear about this. Could you please check the solution here? :pray:

Hope this helps. :woman_mechanic:

Veda | Community Team