Can't find Reference

Hello I want to transfer money to revolut.This is the 2nd time which I transfer money.The first everything was ok,but now I see A different IBAN,my name In the Beneficiery and no reference.What should I do?

This is your personal IBAN for standard SEPA payments. Only in EUR !!! Reference is not required.

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Hey @anastasis06,

A reference number is needed only if you’re transferring to our Euro pooled account :slight_smile:

I was using reference to load money to revolut but know I can’t find this part in the app. Im from Greece and probably something have change. Any help here?

That’s because after the 1st transfer you get your own IBAN with your name in beneficery and you don’t need a Reference

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And what sould I type to the section “name of the beneficiary”? My name or Revolut LTD?

Just put in exactly what the app tells you. If there is your name as the beneficiary, put in your name.

hello i am from Greece and i have a question.In my app my name is already in beneficery and there is no reference number but i have not done any transfers yet.So if I transfer money from my bank account what should I write in the field ''reasoning to the beneficiary"?

If you are shown as beneficiary you don’t need a reference. It was simplified some time ago.