Can't delete contact from Revolut


Hi, not sure of this is a bug or not. I deleted a contact from my phone app (Samsung Note 3) but they still show up as a contact in Revolut. They are not a Revolut account holder by the way. However they disappeared from my WhatsApp contacts list ok when I deleted them from my phone. If I add them again to my phone contacts list they do not show as being connected to Revolut but if I delete them again they are still there on Revolut. I have been into my phone’s settings and accounts and re- synced since deleting but cannot get rid of the contact.


Hi, I had the same issue. It turns out that the app doesn’t update changes in the phone’s contacts list so you have to log out & in again. That fixed it on my Samsung, hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks. I tried it and it worked. :smile:


Hi team, thank you for informing us. This bug has been fixed in iOS a few months ago and will be resolved in 5.12 android releasing this week.

Kind Regards.