Can't create new account because of age limit [Solved]

Hello everyone !

My wife have just tried to create a new account, but she can’t because application said :
“Vous devez avoir moins de 18 ans pour créer un compte”
= You must have least than 18 year old to create an account.
She’s 28, and any year of birth is not ok.

I join a screenshot of the bug :

What can I do please ? Thanks for your help.

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Contact support chat :slight_smile:

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I don’t have access to the app chat without account created :frowning:

Hey @Niobius :slight_smile:

She can click the “I changed my phone number” link from the main screen I believe :wink:

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Hey @Juliopp, thanks for your answer !

Nope, we are blocked on 3 screens.
1/ When we open the app, we have the blue screen code,
2/ when we tape the code, we have the « quelles sont vos coordonnées personnelles ? » = what are your personnal contact details (where we are blocked) with the arrow to come back to blue code screen
3/ on this blue screen, there is « Oublié ? » = forgot ? that lead to « Entrez votre numéro de téléphone pour réinitialiser votre code » = tape your phone number to reinitialize your code

And that’s all !
No access to the in-app chat or change phone number.

Edit : we try to contact Revolut on Facebook

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Maybe @JessicaZ or @AndreasK can help :slight_smile:

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Hi there. Could you please check the calendar settings in your phone system?

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Hi @JessicaZ !
Calendar settings was the japanese one, and that was the problem ! We have switched it in french and now it works ! Thank you so much for your help, we are now in queue to have access to revolut.

Thanks everyone !

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