Can't create an account



I’m trying to create an account. It lets me fill in every detail, but it won’t continue after the tab email. I’m trying to make an account with the mobile app and I’m based in the Netherlands.

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards,


Same problem here! Please help out. I’m using Android.


Hi there. Are you using an EEA number?


I’m using an Malasian phone number at the moment.
I received the text, it just won’t go further then the e-mail page…
Is my Malasian number the problem? I have a dutch simcard with me, but I don’t think it’s really logical to use it.


You wont be able to sign up with a non EEA phone number.


That should be my problem aswell. I’m trying it with an Nepali phone number


What about Indian tel number ?
Collegue has tred to set up the account and he is not getting revolut code to activate the account on mobile app


You need to initially sign up with a number from one of the supported countries (EEA).