Can't connect old account to new number



I have a new phone and new phone number. Following your instructions on your FAQ page, I changed my phone number in my profile, logged out and tried logging in on my new phone. However a new account seems to have been created.

I have spoken with in app support agents who delet3d the new key created account several times, however, when I sign in again I am still not connected to my old account.

Please could you help in getting my account re-connected to my new phone.

Thank you


Hi there. I can help you with this. Could you please drop me a direct message?


Hi, I have the same problem and can’t find where to write you a private message. Can you write me an email? Thanks!


Hi Andreas
I am having a similar , I have got a new number and can’t link my account to the new number.
Can you please help?



I moved in to UK a couple of months ago and Revolut has been my sidekick for everything. Now that I’m settling I wan’t to change my phone number from my account however when I try to do it I get to the screen where it asks for my code/fingerprint but nothing happens after that, I doesn’t submit my passcode / fingerprint the only option I got is return. I also receive a Revolut Code valid for 10min but theres nothing I can do with it . Please fix it ASAP



Sure. Let’s get in touch via DM.


Can you please drop me a DM?


Hi andreas
How can i contact you through DM

Get Outlook for Android


Click on my profile -> Messages.


My app in mobile closes every time when I try to verify my account. My card is declined and cant use it or send my money, I cant do anything because of verify my account. could you do it manually somehow?


Hey, I’ve opened your profile but I didn’t saw any option to DM you …


Hi andreas
Following from pur conversation
How can gou help me link my revolut account to my new number


Hi andreas
Sent you a message
Many thanks