Can't close marketing notices anymore

Looks like Revolut decided to remove option to close marketing notices.

Now, when I open app, there is this marketing notice about “Invite 5 friends and get free metal card” (that if rough translation to english as this offer is translated into my local lang…DOH !), which does not have closing option anymore (previously I could press “X” and it will be gone).

When I click on it it leads to further info about particular offer, but also does not have closing option.

If this is not a bug, then WTF revolut ? Bad decision :frowning:

There should be option to close such notices in app.
I understand this offer will expire after week or so and most likely then it will be gone, but its just annoying to see it every time I open app.

Revolut app v.5.42 on android.


It’s a bug. Support might appreacitae if you report it.

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Yeah, its a bit agressive and users should be able to dismiss that message.

i just checked it on my phone which also has v5.42 installed and the x to close the message is there. weird indeed

I have closed it on my nokia 7.1

Yeah I’m seeing the same thing. Although in the last few days, the app has been crashing non-stop. Brand new Samsung Note 8, did get a huge Android update so it could be that.

Same with me. I do not like watching these maketing all the time.

Okey here is update.
I upgraded R app to v.5.43 - issue is not fixed, but I noticed following:
There was new notice in english about “give the gift of revolut” with “X” option and I was able to close it. Then same old notice about “Invite 5 friends” in my own language shows up and it is without “X” option (cannot close).

So, maybe you are able to close english ones, but not ones in other languages…

Also having this issue. I hope they fix it shortly, I’ve had free card invites for a while now, they should just make them all free if they’re going to give me a new ‘free card for a week’ invites weekly.

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It’s annoying. I’ve now got this notice about using the budget feature, which I can’t get rid of. It’s underneath the stupid graph - which I also can’t get rid of. :rage:

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You can’t close the Revolut metal offer as it stays there for 5 days.

Seems like Revolut needs to pump up the user numbers to raise fresh capital?

It’s quite annoying that us users are being treated this way, they should really look at the N26 way of things from time to time, it’s just a sleeker experience overall.

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I doubt it. Investors aren’t stupid at all, they’ll be wanting users to use their account as a main account.

This isn’t happening by large yet, I know I certainly couldn’t name anyone using Revolut as a main account.

That’s where most of Revolut’s revenue is going to come from in the end anyways, held deposits being lent out to different businesses.

Just received new marketing message I cant close. It will stay there 7 days :roll_eyes:


They really need to fix this bug I have another “shill Revolut for free Metal” thing and I’m not partaking in any of that bollocks when the terms are so hard to fulfil.

I’ve signed up 10ish people, screw the time limit of 5 days just give me the thing for the people I’ve signed up on my own accord? Surely that’s what Revolut should be doing?

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now I have that too and it’s so annoying.
If they are just going to pop this promotion over and over for just a week, they can just make it a permanent thing and stop annoying us in the app.

Edit: people on reddit are also not happy with that: