Can't change card PIN


Today I’ve tried 5 different ATM’s, in 5 different banks. The goal was to change the PIN on my new VISA card but I only have the option “withdraw money” (or similar)

In the past, I think we had the ability to change the card PIN on the revolut app (at least I think I did that with my mastercard). Unfortunately, that option is not available anymore.

Is there any easy way to change the PIN card?


Travel to UK or Poland. :wink: It works there.

(Sorry, that isn’t the answer you were hoping for.)


Yes, reports here show that in UK or Poland you can change… but when I first got revolut (mastercard) back in April, this year, I was able to change the PIN, not in a ATM but on the app. I don’t know why this was discontinued, but unfortunately now we don’t have a way to change the PIN on both VISA and Mastercard.


Yes, that is how it was. It changed. It might have to do with customer complaints: bad UX, because to update the PIN on the card itself, one had to use it at least once for a chip and PIN transaction. I have no idea how reliable this was.


Hi! Thank you for your feedback.

Do you have the receipts, ATM merchant’s name and location?


Hi @AndreasK!
It wasn’t a purchase, so I don’t have receipts. I was just trying to change my PIN code on my VISA card. But yes, I know the bank’s ATM name and location.


I think I’ve changed the pin in my Mastercard via the app 2 months ago. I don’t see that possibility anymore.


I have tried in Germany machines of the “Sparkasse” and “VR Bank”, unfortunately without success.
VR Bank does not offer me the dialog for the PIN change, Sparkasse bring at the end an error message that this is not possible with this card.


Sparkasse in Germany does not work. I changed PIN during a visit to Gibraltar (UK banking system?).


Changing the PIN in Euronet ATMs works.


Here you can change your PIN :

–> In Paris Chatelet - Money Change ATM near the fountain.
Its a foreign ATM and a changing PIN option was avalaible.



Hey @CharlesPC I looking for the ATM that you talked about. Did you have an address or can you point it in google map or provide any help to find it please? It will be great
Thanks in advance


9 rue berger.


You’re the best. Thanks.


Almost 4 months later and a LOT OF ATM’s and still can’t change the PIN code…
What is strange is that I’ve created today a revolut account for my sister, and ordered a new card and she got a chance to choose the PIN of the new card.

I didn’t got that change. Please, explain me, how can I change the PIN code of my card?

Seams like new users get “everything”, but us, long time users, don’t get anything.


I’ve been in 25 ATMs and we cant change the PIN code period. Revolut doesnt do anything.

Why no one from Revolut reply to this thread? PLEASE do something with Visa, to make this option available.