Can't change address - stuck in waiting list


I’m currently staying in Singapore and registered with my local address, not knowing that your services are unavailable here. I can’t seem to make any changes through the app, because the only visible thing is the waiting queue. Is it possible to re-register for your services, and if so, how may I do that?


I don’t know how your app looks like… Is there possibility to chat with support?
If not- try contact them via DM on Twitter or ask @AndreasK in here.


Hi there. Are you a legal resident in the EEA?


Hi Andreas, yes I am.


I’ve terminated the previous account. You should be able to sign up again now using an EEA phone number and address.


Thanks for the assistance Andreas!


If i move permanently to South Africa,can i change my private details or must i keep my adress from Germany?And whats about the phonenumber?Hi AndreasK am Peter


Hi @AndreasK,
I’m having the same issue and have an EEA passport. Would you be able to terminate my account too please?