Cant attach screen shot to paperclip symbol on revolut help page


Can anyone help with this. Ive requested to send screen shot via email instead but hitting a wall


Not sure what you want to do? Screenshot of what and what paperclip?


This one:

What kind of pictures makes your phone when you are doing screenshots?


Ohh, thanks :slight_smile:

Good point, what kind of images does it make and what exactly happens when you try to attach it?


In the response box on the support chat there is a paper clip attachment symbol. Im trying to attach a screen shot or download of an image of a bank statement.



Are you able to check detailed info about file (image)? I mean- what is this- i.e. *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.tiff, *.gif, *.PNG, etc.
The other thing- how big is this screenshot you want to be uploaded.
And… What happens when you’re trying to add these images?


I understood that bit. The question is what exactly happens when you are trying to do that and is the image in a supported format?


I can see that an agent has responded to your query by providing an email address. Could you please forward the documents there?