Can't add the card to my Paypal account


tried to pay stuff on eBay or tried to add the card to my PayPal account but the card wouldn’t be accepted as valid
any specific reason?


Same problem here. Any advice?


Check if you have blocked e-commerce transactions.

I haven’t tried adding the card to PayPal but I’ve heard it works. But just for paying I guess. And I don’t know how disputes are handled.


PayPal accounts are country specific, so perhaps it’s blocking the card because it is not registered in the country you are living in?

(just a theory)


Two things that I can think of:

  1. The card has a non standard BIN (the first six digits). One site shows me as having a US BIN, another says Russian. I’m guessing it’s actually a UK BIN based on where Revolut is from. If the BIN doesn’t match your registered country, that can cause an issue.
  2. PayPal might also be rejecting it because it’s a prepaid card.

#6 gives the following information:-

BIN: 539123


Issuing Organization: OPTIMAL PAYMENTS LTD.


Card SubType: PREPAID

Issuing Country: UNITED KINGDOM


I use my Revolut card with Paypal. It works but not perfectly.
Paypal used 1USD and then 1GBP to authorize the card and after all 0.01GBP to authorize transaction.

It’s al little messy but It kinda works compared to other services…


Unfortunately Paypal does not officially support us. Some customers are able to use it fine, but others are not able to get it to work.


works with me, but I tried to buy something in dollar and they charge your card in GBP. Offcourse they charge you their currency exchange rates so I avoid Paypal at this moment.


I’ve got my Revolut card registered with PayPal; when making foreign currency payments, PayPal’s always offered me the choice of using the original currency or letting them do the exchange.


Mine works. In PayPal’s options against the card you can tell PayPal to charge it in GBP or the currency of the transaction. I have mine set to charge the card without doing the currency conversion. Incidentally, Amazon has the same feature if you use one of their non-UK sites.


You can always switch to"… seller’s currency". There is a hidden option in paypal ‘s settings. By default it’s switched to "according to paypal’ s currency" or something like that.


Yes that’s right.

You can go on the Payments section on PayPal and then select “Pre-Approved Payments” and then select “Funding Sources” and then click on “Conversion Options” next to your card. This will give you the option to select the to select “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice”. Then click submit and save. This is not a guaranteed fix but it should prevent PayPal from applying their conversion again.


Paypal bucht eine Lastschrift von meinem Revolut Konto nicht ab Seit 14 Tagen steht die Transaktion bei meinem PayPal Konto als offen Drinnen es scheint ein Problem zu geben


Mein Revolut Konto ist bei PayPal Verifiziert Überweisung von PayPal auf das Konto funktioniert