Can't add Revolut Card to Paypal



I’m trying to add my revolut card to Paypal but it keeps getting rejected:


I have checked that “Online transaction” are permitted in my account. Furthermore 1USD is deducted from the card for Paypal verification (and is returned after a while as the card was not accepted) so it is not a problem with the card details either.

Is it a known limitation or there is some way to add the Revolut card to my Paypal account?

Thank you in advance.



Hi there…
I had no problems adding revolut card for withdrawing funds from paypal …
You need to add it as bank account.
I used 6digit sort code and 8digit acount number to add it.
Then i needed to wait for incoming transaction (with 4digit pin)from paypal.
After you see incoming transaction on revolut statement you use 4 digit pin to complete linking accounts.
Took me around 6hrs to get all done.
And withdrawing funds takes around 3hrs to recieve on revolut account :slight_smile:

I’m based in UK so something might vary.
Hope it helps :wink:


Seit 14 Tagen soll von mein konto abgebucht werden seit 14 Tagen immer noch offen die Lastschrift bei paypal



I have same problem, did you manage to solve it?

Thank you in advance,