Can''t add Revolut card to iTunes account


Can’'t add a card to iTunes account. Probably because card is shown to be issued in UK and not in my home country


Apple/iTunes does not yet support the Revolut card which leads to some of our users being able to use it without problems while other sometimes run into issues.


I bet Apple hates services like Revolut, because they are unable to figure out where the customer comes from. This way they cannot control the different pricing they have around the world. Very unlikely in my opinion that Apple would knowingly allow cards to be used in different markets. If the issuer is Barclays in UK, it most likely works without a problem only in the UK iTunes/app-store…
There might be some tricks within the iTunes to let the card go thru :slight_smile:


It’s not just Apple. They have contracts with the content providers, a new movie might be available on the iTunes in the US, but it’s still not released yet at cinemas in Europe. The country of the credit card is one of the details to proof that one is legit to open an iTunes account in that very country. Same with gift cards. They only work with accounts in the country they are sold.


Same thing with Spotify.

Accounts are region locked so to enter the RevolutCard™ your account must be in the most cases be US/GB registered. :confused:


Yeap, I can confirm that. I live overseas, but I have an Itunes UK account thanks to Revolut, so I can rent or buy TV series which aren’t available in the iTunes of my home country, so the only alternative option would be to download illegal copies from the Internet.


Well, it’s not Apple that hates this. Apple is, for sure, happy to sell you as much as they can. Blame the copyright owners instead. The relative easy way to bypass these restrictions seem to prove the point.


same issue here (trying in Czech itunes store)


It will only work for UK itunes account. Think people. It is issued in UK and will work only for UK iTunes, because itunes requires a card that is issued in the same country as the account you are/will be using.


Wouldn’t Netflix also be Region locked? That works just fine with Revolut.


I live in Lithuania, and cannot add Revolut card to iTunes.
I spoke with Revolut support and got the answer I can add my card only UK iTutes.


Hey. According to the BIN number of my card, my card is issued in the US, but I am still not able to add it to my US iTunes account. Does anyone know why?


Please don’t trust bin databases online. Try different one, you most likely end up with different results. What’s your registered Revolut account billing address? Your Revolut card should work for iTunes in this county, if it’s a recently issued Premium or Metal card. Revolut seems to use Mastercard’s “account ranges” for this.

Also check out the tread about Apple Pay, this is discussed there to some extent.


And here.