cant add my revolut card on coinbase?


I have just accepted cryptocurrencies in the app, and now i tried adding the card on coinbase but i get this:

Your credit card provider has disabled digital currency purchases. Please try again with a debit card or bank account.

What am i doing wrong?

Kind regards Lasse


Card payments aren’t supported with exchanges. Use regular transfer instead. Search this forum if you need more details about this. :wink:


This is not true, I regularly use Coinbase with a card, although not Revolut as they don’t support Secure 3D yet.


No, it’s a Swiss debit card.


That’s what I meant. It is discussed here a lot that Revolut cards do not work with Coinbase. Even if 3DS would be supported, it would not be a given. Some merchants aren’t supported, like money exchanges.


No, but the buy sell spread is not so attractive. If I would do bigger trades I would top up via bank transfer and use Gdax instead.


I have to correct myself, there was a 3.8% fee for buying on Coinbase with card. Still can be useful but I agree with you that using gdax is the better way for a serious crypto trader.