Can't add card

Hi, I’ve filled out the information to add a new card (Mastercard) but on the next step it will just stay at the screen that asks you to ‘please wait’ and not to refresh or click the back button. It has stayed like this for about half an hour. What could be the issue here and what can I do about it?

Hey h_step, please contact support in the app via the “More” tab. Type live agent to get past Rita.

Have you checked if the card is added? Sometimes the app looks like hanged, but in the background things getting ok (especially in case of 3D secured cards)

Thanks, will try to do that…

Yes, unfortunately my card doesn’t show up on my app

Just saw that my card is now there, must have just taken a while…

Good to know that. Have a nice adventure with revolut card :+1:

Glad to hear it’s now sorted!

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