Can't add card to to a specific account


I was trying to add a virtual card to an ‘Izly’ account here in Lille in order to transfer money from Revolut towards that specific account for university onsite expenses and I get this message.

It basically says that the bank in charge has refused the payment for x reasons.

By the way just to be clear, I was not trying to pay for anything. I was just trying to Revolut that university account. I’m not sure why this message pops up about payment…

Just wondering what the issue is. Thanks in advance.


Hello @johnpm :slight_smile:

Izly doesn’t accept cards that don’t support 3DSecure. Revolut is, for now and unfortunately, one of those cards. :lock_with_ink_pen::frowning:

However, you are able to load Izly with a SEPA Transfer, which you can make, also for free, with :r: :smile:



@juliopp Thanks for the response. So how do I create a SEPA Transfer with Revolut ?

I’m sorry. I’m kind of new to the Revolut system :slight_smile:

You can link me to the corresponding documentation for that if you want.


Hey there again @johnpm :wink:

No need to be sorry, we’ve all been beginners! :slight_smile:

I think reading the FAQs might be useful, just so you have a rough idea. It’s a short read that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes:

As for the SEPA transfer, that’s a normal bank transfer between any of the SEPA-countries (mostly the European Economic Area, check the members clicking here)

Therefore, you just have to click the purple Transactions button and then, in the Send section, click To bank account and follow the procedure shown :blush:

Also, be sure to contact Izly if you have any doubt regarding this procedure, and read this article on their FAQ: