Can't add a contact with long email


When you want to send cash out via bank transfer, you need to add the contact to Revolut first.
When adding the person, it asks for the name, iban, bic, phone and email.
The email field is limited to 50 characters. uses emails that are 51 characters. (I want to pay a property and have Revolut send them an email directly with all details, but can’t because the email is too long.)

Can you guys raise the limit to 75 characters?


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You dont need to add a contact. You can simply wire it as a regular bank transfer. No email required.

I need to add the contact when sending a bank transfer. It lets you choose an existing beneficiary or allow you to add a new one, when you click on the Payments tab > Outgoing > Bank Transfer.

And ofcourse the email is not required to fill in, but obviously I DO want to fill in the email, so that the beneficiary knows the money is on its way.

I ask again that Revolut raises the character limit.

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That is precisely what I meant, the address is optional.

The beneficiary will know that the money arrived when he receives it. An email would not change much here. It only delays the entire transaction if you now wait to enter some arbitrary address.

You can certainly suggest it to Revolut and maybe they will change it but that will take some time anyhow.

Yes, I know how bank transfers work. :kissing_heart:

The email makes sure the beneficiary sees ahead of time that the transfer has been sent. It doesn’t add any delay to the transaction, other than the 10 seconds it takes me to write the email.

I’m an app builder myself, and I know that technically it shouldn’t take a long time to change what I’m asking for. All they need is to change their database and app to make the email field accept 75 characters instead of 50.

So please Revolut… ^^

(In the meantime I have just emailed the Revolut email to myself, and then forwarded it manually to the beneficiary…)

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I was referring to you waiting with the payment now until you can maybe add a longer address at some point.

There is a difference between how long something takes in theory and how long practice :wink: