Can't Activate My Card / Opening Transaction happened Twice


Firstly, when I opened my account it advised me that it would initially transfer £10 to my Revolut card as a test, this happened but I’ve just noticed that for some reason two £10 transactions were made by Revolut.

Secondly, although I’m a UK citizen I don’t hold an active passport, drivers license or government ID so it’s not allowing me to activate my Revolut card and therefore my two £10 transfers, one of which was unauthorised, is unable to be accessed.

My £20 is on my account but it’s not allowing me to even transfer it back to my bank account because of the very limited options available to activate my account. Unless this is able to be resolved on here I don’t think that I have any other options but to treat those money transfers as fraudulent and pursuing them as such via my bank.

I need this to be resolved, please assist me.

Thank you.

Please see the forum thread attached below.

Thank you,

Who should I be messaging in the support team to have my two £10 transactions returned to the account they were taken from?

@anon33247966 or someone on their Twitter or Facebook page can help.

Hi @walker_iceland.

You will need to verify your account from the Profile section - Verification and Limits using your passport or ID.

Once you have your account verified, go “Payments” -> Bank transfers, so you can transfer back to your bank account the funds.

If you read my original post you’d see that I am not able to verify my account due to not owning any of the documentation that you require to validate the account. This is why my money to be returned to the account that you took it from.

Please bear in mind that £10 of the £20 that you taken from me is an unauthorised transaction, you’ve taken money from my account without my permission. This has already been explained in my original post.

You will return my money too me or I will pursue it through my bank as a fraudulent transaction and mandate a chargeback, which will then incur additional charges on your side.

Give me my money back or you will force me to pursue this via alternative methods.

As I UK citizen what documents do you have?

I am disabled, I don’t have a passport because I can’t travel and the same goes for a driving license.

It’s really awkward for me to communicate like this, all I need is for you to send my £20 back to the account you took it from. Please help with this, I no longer want an account with you, I just want the money back that you took from me.

The funds have been returned to the original source of top up.

My account won’t verify please help