Can't activate current account for bank transfer

I wanted to top up my revolut card using local bank transfer (UK bank to GBP top up) but I can’t ‘activate’ my local revolut bank account to display the sort code & account number to transfer money into- there are just stars where the numbers should be. It only shows IBAN account.
Please help! I’ve had to cancel my debit card so need to top up with bank transfer for the time being.

Are you a UK citizen with a UK address?

Yes I am :slight_smile: UK bank account, UK address and wanting to top up in GBP

Hey there! Have you logged out and back in and accepted the current Terms & Conditions?

Hi, yes I just tried that and still tapping the ‘activate account’ button doesn’t do anything / show the revolut current account details :confused:

Sorry about that! I have written you a private message to see what’s going on.


Same problem here. Signed up today - trying to top up via Bank Transfer under GBP account. Local has No Sort Code, Account Number

Please assist…

Hi, I have the same problem with my euro and gbp accounts.

My dollar account works fine, but when I try to activate my euro (which is the main account) or the gbp account, the app crashes and asks me to send an error report.

Needless to say bank transfers all fail.

I tried logging out and then re log.

I tried clearing app data and even reinstalling the app, but nothing works.

Same here. any solutions out there??

Try using a different device it worked for me. :slight_smile: