Can't activate account

I have used the card at an ATM to withdraw cash and also contactless payments but can’t seem to activate the account, has been responding

‘We’re sorry something has gone wrong. Please try later’ for the last two weeks.

I m transiting from FairFX but so far has not been a good experience. Can’t seem to activate the chat box and phoning an ‘Automated phone line’ smacks of the road to nowhere.

I need to obtain my UK sort/account number for some BACS transfers.

Contactless for sure won’t work before your card is activated. An ATM withdrawal should usually do the trick, it needs to be a chip + PIN transaction that will activate the card. It‘s highly unlikely but some ATMs out there still use the mag stripe. Can you make sure that you were using a chip + PIN ATM? If yes, you probably want to contact support, maybe your card is damaged.