can't access the Revolut app anymore

the app has stopped working a few days ago. Anytime I try to log in from my phone, I get a message saying “Unfortunately, the Revolut app has stopped working”, and then the app turns off. This happens while the app is opening, ie even before entering my log-in details.
I tried to uninstall the app, and re-installed it again. But the problem remains.
Can you please help? I really need to access my account asap…


Are you running Android 4.4 or newer?

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I have Android version 6.0.


Damnit, where is the ouija board again?


@AndreasK :wink:

Alright, alright, ouija boards are usually known for demons and I really dont want to compare nice Andreas to that - even though, on a second thought, I have been waiting for quite a few days for a response from the team :wink:

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Hey. Can you please send me a direct message so that I can help you?

hey, sure… but how do I do that?

Go on my profile to find messages! :slight_smile:

cool, I just did :+1:

Hi there, i have the same problem, i updated my Android to 5.0 and Revolut app stopped working. Every time i try to open it it says "Unfortunately, the Revolut app has stopped working. Could you please advise. Thanks

Hey! Really sorry to hear that. Could you please delete and reinstall the app?