can't access support



I’ve been trying to contact the support for the last hour and for some reason I can’t. The ‘send’ button simply doesn’t work!

My account was verified today as well and from that moment on the support chat isn’t working anymore. Is it just a coincidence? Nevertheless I need to contact support urently and there is no email or any other way to contact them

Please help


@hossam1444 please kill and reopen the app.


Andreas K.


I’m also trying to contact support from the website too but can’t, I’m a new user and downloaded app but can’t sign in, hence can’t use app to contact support either. Please how do I contact support to sort out my account problem. Thanks


I am trying to contact support to find out the status of my account but am unable to do so via the website - please can someone contact me?


Hello @cmalin,

Our support, it’s in-app support chat. Please open your app, and go “Support”.


Andreas K


Hi Andreas
I cannot log into the app - I’ve submitted a request for an account but have not received a confirmation email and as such I cannot sign into the app. Do you know how long these emails take to be received? I am keen to start using the account asap.


@cmalin Great to hear you’re on the waitlist. We cannot provide a specific timeframe at the moment, we expect to have cards, probably, next week.

Rest assured, we’ll notify you via email once we have cards.


Andreas K.


I would need to receive the card by next Friday - is this going to be feasible, otherwise I will need to look into other alternatives. thank you.


I have found Support Chat on the app and on the website, but I cannot find anywhere to tap/click to actually invoke Support Chat. How do I use it?

I sent £500 and it’s not appearing. I need to sort this out.


Hi @Sandandstars

We offer only in-app support. I will initiate a chat so I can help you.


Andreas K.


Thanks Andreas. Yes, the money has now appeared. Thank you for your help.

The problem is that I used the “Can’t find the answer? Contact Support” button in FAQ. There is a “Support Chat” heading there with no link. Same on the website. This is confusing.


OK great!

Thank you for your feedback, we will take it on board.


Andreas K.


@AndreasK, I’m having the same issue with trying to contact support. The website “support” button is not active, and the in-app chat messages are not being replied to. I reinstalled the app but that didn’t help. My problem is that I have received a considerably less amount of what I topped up from my bank account with (like 20% less). Why is that?


Hi @nikie11,

Just to clarify, we don’t offer web support. We offer in-app support.

Regarding your query, as I can see your bank has applied fees. The rule is that you should top up in the currency that your bank account is held in. For example, if you have a GR bank account make sure you top up in Euros. If you don’t your bank will convert the money for you and charge a huge fee!

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.


@AndreasK, regarding the website support button - if you don’t offer web support then the presence of this button on the website is indeed confusing. How long does it usually take for in-app support to reply within working hours? I’m guessing it’s not instant?
As for my issue with the transfer - I’ve been sending money from a USD account of a EU bank to USD account of Revolut. My bank showed a separate charge for the service fee and separately the full outgoing amount that I’ve been sending. Are you saying that regardless of whether the transfer was made between the two USD accounts, the bank has made the conversion to and from Euro automatically, and didn’t reflect this in the statement?
Additionally, you are saying you can see my bank has applied fees. Where can I see this in my Revolut account?


According to :r: Terms and Conditions paragraph 3.5 “Customer Support can be contacted through the Revolut App, via email at or via phone at +44 (0) 203 725 7583”

Has email and telephone been discontinued?


Hi @nikie11,

Thank you for your feedback we’ll change our website shortly.

Regarding your transfer, just to clarify Revolut does not charge a fee to top up your account via bank transfer.

Your transfer was a SWIFT transfer.

If your bank is located outside of the E.U. or is not denominated in Euros, then your transfer will be sent via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications). This means that your bank (and/or an intermediary bank) may charge you an international transfer fee.

With SWIFT transfers there are a few things to bare in mind:

Your bank is likely to charge a fee to make a SWIFT transfer to Revolut.

When your money is in transit, it may be processed by an intermediary bank. They may also deduct a handling fee.

The amount you receive in your Revolut account therefore may be less money than you sent.
As banks charge different amounts and are not always transparent, we cannot provide an accurate amount you would be charged.

You cannot see this in your Revolut account, as we can only amount we have received. However you can contact our support and we can try trace the transfer to see when the charged incurred.

@badskittler our phone line is now only available to block a card.


Andreas K.


@AndreasK, sorry for nagging, I however try to figure out a couple of things so I don’t have to ask again at a later stage.
As I mentioned, I transferred an amount from my USD account in my EU located bank to my USD Revolut account.
I tried to contact support via in-app chat but it was a discouraging experience. Obviously the chat history is not being kept, and I’m getting completely unrelated replies from different support persons: I send my question, the reply comes within an hour and immediately gets closed due to inactivity from my side. However I cannot sit and wait for an hour for one reply, to keep the chat active, right? Moreover, no notification of a new chat message appears on the screen when the app is closed. Please don’t take it as a complain, but rather a helpful critique.
Meanwhile I was able to get a reply to my question by searching the Internet. It’s been a couple of days of rather unfruitful communication with your support (again, since my question was not urgent I’m not complaining, but you’d rather look into how to improve your support service).


Hi @nikie11,

We appreciate your constructive feedback. I can assure you that your conversations with our support agents on our in-app chat support system, , will be under review to determine if any incorrect information was provided so that we can take appropriate measures. We can see there was a slight delay in our response due to high demand for support, we’re working hard to provide the best services we can.

Once again thank you for your feedback and your understanding.


I would like to initiate an in app support chat please. Because it seems to be inactive.