Can't access support, can't log in to app


I have been trying to contact support for 3 days while traveling in the US. I left my phone at home and need to log in using another phone.

Twice support closed my ticket because they replied many hours later in the middle of the night. Now my app is stuck on the create an account page and I can’t log in or contact support.

If I use a friend’s phone, the same thing happens, I’m forced on to the create an account page.

This is the only way I have of contacting you. Please can you assist???

Thank you.


Hello @Rq.22nd,

Really sorry to hear that.

Did you manage to get in touch with our support team?


Andreas K.


Having the same issue: can’t log in as I moved abroad and no longer have access to the phone number I registered with and I can’t access the support because it seems we need to be logged in for that