Can't Access My MONEY

I moved to another country (Singapore) and my company gave me a new phone. I can’t access the card anymore because it’s not available here yet. It just has me waiting in a queue that never ends. So I can’t chat through the app and when I call the only option it gives is if you want to block your card. How the hell do i get my money off of the stupid app? I used to love it but now I just have money floating in cyberspace.

Maybe you should log in to the app using your account (used before you move, old phone number is required) and just make transfer to your bank account in Singapore?

Hey @henkny :slight_smile:

This stupid app will allow you to withdraw money for free (up to the fair usage) even if you forgot to change your account phone number before actually changing your phone :smile:

The queue does end, although it’s quite bad, so you might want to consider Twitter:

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Thank you Juliopp for getting back to me. The only thing is I can’t see how much I have in the account. And rather than withdraw the cash at an ATM, it would be great if I could transfer it back to my bank account. Any suggestions?

Hi Kylo32, I tried that and it sends me a message with a one time pin to my UK number…which I don’t have anymore

Hey after a long time, @henkny :slight_smile:

I’d still suggest asking the guys at :r:'s Twitter to get this done for you:

Alternatively, you can wait for @AndreasK or @jessicaszabla :wink:

Sent them a message, thank you for the help

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You should be able to check your account balance at any ATM.

Hi there. Do you have a local sim card? We can change the number linked to your account so you can access it.

@henkny I had to delete you post, as this is not a direct message. Are you able to send me a DM?

@AndreasK I’m unable to send you a PM for some reason. It could be that it’s because I’m using my iPhone. But it’s the only option that I have at the moment. If you don’t mind to send me a PM, I can send you a response to it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sure. Please check your inbox :slight_smile: