cant access app - no OK button after 6-digit code


Trying to use App for first time in many months. It accepts 4 digit app code then says “something has gone wrong, try again later”. Now it wants a 6 digit code, but if I receive one then I get the same message again. The Contact Support link takes me to a page with text entry but no send button.
Meanwhile wife is getting the same problem. She upgrades her app. Now when she is sent a 6-digit code the app pulls it automatically from the SMS but there is no OK button, so still cant login. What next?


Ok, so I’ll solve my own problem. First, my app was just too old. Shame there isnt a way of informing the user about that.
Second, after several attempts my wife was able to receive her 6-digit code and have it automatically be sucked in from the SMS and the app itself stepped to the next screen.
Why did that not happen automatically on all the other attempts?
So I upgraded my app, and it accepted the first 6-digit code although I had to copy it from my SMS messages.
Why such different behaviour between two phones within the space of 30 minutes?
I smell a bug or two. Do you need help testing this?


Hey there! You should have to input the code manually, it shouldn’t be taken directly from the SMS. What mobile devices are you using?


Hi Larysa

Both phones are samsung a3, identical hardware but with different versions of android.

My wife’s is older (5.x) it sucked the code out of the SMS automatically but initially then was stuck - there was no way to say ‘enter’ or ok. Except after a few attempts it seemed to both automatically read the SMS and then moved on to the next screen. App now running ok.

My phone has newer android 6.0.1 (e.g. it allows me to allow individual permissions per app). After updating the Revolut app it asked for permission to read and send SMS. However when the 6-digit code arrived your app did NOT read it automatically. When I entered the code manually then after the 6th digit it automatically moved to the next screen and is now working ok.

If you don’t intend to read the codes automatically from the SMS then why does the app request permission for SMS? I have since turned off that permission and so far the app still works.