Can't access account. Poor support services


Hi, I’ve had to delete my app and change phone numbers. This means I can’t receive the ID verification text to log in on my new phone. I need to update my account mobile number, but can’t do this until I log in.
I’ve tried for a week to get hold of a support agent, but each time I try I get told the waiting time is several hours and then the chat window times out. Don’t know if anyone else had had this issue or there’s anything which Revolut can do to help?


Contact Support via Chat, Twitter DM or on Facebook and ask them to change your phone number for you. I would write support all details necessary to solve your problem with the first mail. You can avoid this way that they have to come back to you a couple of times once they have your support ticket at hand. That might speed things up.

And next time, remember to change the phone number that is associated with your account as long as you have access to the old number :slight_smile: