Can't access account cos can't receive SMS


Hi guys I’d be very grateful if anyone could help. I can’t receive an SMS to my number in this country as my SIM doesn’t work here, and i urgently need to activate the app on this device. As i can’t access it I can’t use in-app support. Is there any way round this problem? I’ve seen similar posts where a member of staff was able to help out Many thanks in advance!

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Hi, actually you can use in-app support.
First method:

  1. Put the phone number (linked to revolut app)
  2. Choose “Forgot password”
  3. Then choose “Support”

Second method (if you remember PIN to the app)

  1. Put the phone number (linked to revolut app)
  2. Put PIN to the app
  3. Choose “I don’t have a message” (or something similar :grin:)
  4. Choose “live support” (or something similar :joy:)

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