Cannot verify some bank cards. Verification window blank.


When trying to top-up the revolut account for the first time from the SEB bank card, after entering all the card data it goes to a 3DS verification screen which is blank. No further action is possible.
At the same time on the same device adding another bank’s (Swedbank) card, 3DS security screen appears and it is possible to top up the revolut account.

Here’s how it looks:

This experiment has been made on 3 different android devices and results appears to be the same.

Please tell me - which side problem this is - SEB bank or Revolut or maybe all my android devices? And please advise how we could fix this. Thanks.


Hey, sadly this is a known problem with swedbank

Kudos for such a detailed and thorough report :+1:

You rarely (read: never) get that.


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My work colleague had the same issue. App reinstall solved the issue for him.

Bonjour à tous !

Alors voilà, j’ai un gros problème. Récemment j’ai top-up plusieurs somme de 250 euros sur mon nouveau compte Revolut par le biais de cartes virtuelles sécurisées de ma banque en France.

Revolut me demande de vérifier mon compte car celui-ci a été bloqué. Le soucis est qu’il me demande un code à 4 chiffres que l’on peut trouvé sur le libellé du virement like “CARD 30/03 Revolut1234" mais je n’ai reçu uniquement ceci "CARD 30/03 Revolut12”. Donc seulement deux chiffres.

Comment suis-je censé faire maintenant pour débloquer mon compte ??

Merci à vous

Hello everyone!

So here, I have a big problem. Recently I top-up several sum of 250 euros on my new Revolut account through secure bank cards of my bank in France.

Revolute asks me to check my account because this one has been blocked. The trouble is that it asks me for a 4-digit code that can be found on the text of the transfer like “CARD 30/03 Revolut * 1234” but I have received only this :"CARD 30/03 Revolut * 12 ". So only two numbers.

How am I supposed to do now to unlock my account ??

Thank you

UPDATE: SEB bank verification works on apple devices. Still doesn’t on Android.

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Hi there I’m having an issue verify my account, it wont let me use my card until I do but when I click verify my identity nothing happens.