Cannot verify my identity in order to create my account


I have a company based in France, and I wanted to open a Revolut business account. A day after filling all the forms, putting my ID’s, having my face scanned etc, I received a message saying they cannot open my bank account as they couldn’t verify my identity. Revolut doesn’t give me the chance to re do the form, even though I am 100% sure I’ve done everything right.

Anyone know what can I do please? I cannot have access to the app and ask the chat as I don’t officially have an account “yet”.


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Hello @hayekcie :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. To successfully verify your identity, we need a clear live photo, captured from your smartphone. Please make sure all corners of the document are clearly visible, don’t hold your fingers on the information on your ID document. See requirements for identity verification.

The most popular reasons why identity verification can fail:

  • Photo is too blurry and shaken
  • Uploaded a scanned picture
  • You’ve taken a photo of the picture shown on the screen
  • The document uploaded is expired and not valid anymore
  • ID provided doesn’t match your personal details, or belongs to another person
  • Only part of the document is visible, or a corner is outside the picture
  • Picture has watermarks

If you experience issues with the mobile app or phone, try reinstalling the app or using another smartphone.

We can’t accept documents mentioned below:

  • Estonian e-residency card
  • Ukrainian biometric passport
  • Handwritten Italian ID
  • Forged documents

SG | Community Team


I just uninstalled the app, tried again to connect to my account, and had the same message again saying :“Unfortunately, we cannot open a business account at the moment. We know it’s disappointing, but we can’t open an account for your company, as we couldn’t verify your identity or if you live in the region where your company is based.” Then I can only click on “Got it” and it will put me on the Revolut home page on the app.

What can I do please? I need to open an account urgently.



We are sorry to hear about this issue you are facing. :frowning_face:

Have you checked the type of business legal entities supported by Revolut? :arrow_down:

  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Partnership

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a Revolut Business account for Public sector, Charity, Private foundation or trust, Cooperative, Freelancer or Sole Trader. You can find the full list of unsupported industries here.

SG | Community Team